4 Interesting Concept for Kids Party (Top Ideas and Inspirations)

Parents surely want their kids happy, especially for their birthday. With tons of ideas out there, few of them are suitable to be the theme for kids party.

Keep in mind the party does not have to be luxury with expensive decoration. The most important thing is they enjoy the concept. That’s why the idea should be concise and properly.

Monster and Superhero Party

Superhero Party

Kids like to watch superhero movies or programs. This is good start for the birthday idea. In general, the idea seems common, but parents can make the best event with excellent planning. Just prepare these stuffs:

  • Unique invitation cards and shares them via social media.
  • Create the customized craft.
  • Decorate the cake with superhero picture.

Moreover, one thing you cannot forget is their villain or monster. Few kids like villains because of attractive design and character. Therefore, combine both characters to put in the same party event.

Halloween and Horror Party

People celebrate Halloween as a part of culture. There is chance to integrate Halloween into party, especially for children. The party will have Halloween decoration, cake, costume, and ornaments.

If your kid was born in October, this theme is suitable. However, you still have a chance to get Halloween in other months. Instead of purely Halloween, try to blend with horror style for kids party. This is one of interesting choices to try.

However, many parents are reluctant to apply horror for such event. Kids should have something bright and beautiful, not scary. In fact, the characters can be modified to have cute and fun appearance.

Garden and Tea Party

Garden party seems old style for kids and it’s not quite interesting. Actually, this is the best idea because it lets kids running around freely. The garden gives more space as outdoor venue and parents do not need to spend much to rent a place.

To have this concept, there are few things to put into considerations. You need time to decorate and plan the event properly, including:

  • The area should be cleared and cleaned from unwanted things, including insect and poisonous plants.
  • Prepare supporting furniture, such as table, chairs, stools, and others.
  • Make sure to have enough foods and proper utensils to serve guests.

For small occasion, tea party is good choice. Kids can learn to make and drink tea in good manner. Moreover, combine it with cake to enjoy the afternoon party.

Swimming Party

swimming pool party ideas for kids

Home is the best place to have birthday party, but the other locations are still available. You can throw party for kids in swimming pool. If you have your own pool, it will be better. Another way is by renting from nearby venue.

This party is for kids, which mean only at limited section. You still have to make sure that safety is the top priority, particularly for kids less than twelve years old.

Before throwing kids party in swimming pool, create attractive invitation. Write what guests should wear and bring. Do not forget to explain the theme.

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