4 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas That are Great For Your Social Life

Spending more time outside your house is good for your health. You can get more fresh air. That is why putting some rooms outside somewhat is a good idea. For example having these outdoor kitchen ideas.

Cooking outside can give you the inspiration and can amuse your family and relatives. But, make sure that you have built the comfortable one that suits your house character and not overrated.

But if you still confuse on how to build the wonderful outdoor kitchen, here are some marvelous outdoor kitchen ideas that can inspire you.

Terracotta Outdoor

Loving a traditional Italian style? Then this is the outdoor kitchen that you’ve dreaming of. The parts are mostly made from terracotta. Add the touch of plants beside the chair and above the table to enhance the traditional looks.

However, terracotta is the material that is difficult to be cleaned. So, consider using the material like stainless steel so that you can clean the trash easily after cooking.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

Both inside and outside, in fact, a rustic theme will always be one of the good outdoor kitchen ideas. In the picture, you can see that this shabby chic look is made with the whitewashed bricks.

With those combinations, the kitchen seems aged and looks like the middle-age small kitchen ideas.

The floor is also made from bricks, and not only good for the appearance but for the safety. Brick is not slick, and you don’t have to worry about being slip when you cook. But, remember to do these things so that this outdoor kitchen will not be such a mess:

  • Remember not to spoil water too often in the kitchen with brick flooring, because it can grow the moss.
  • Keep an eye on the children who play around the kitchen. They may scratch the bricks or paint on it.

Retro Pop Patio Kitchen

outdoor kitchen ideas

What is the first word that will come out of our mouth when seeing this kitchen idea for the first time? It must be “fancy”.

The outdoor kitchen is so natural. The floor is made from woods and the kitchen table is made from stone bricks. To enhance its natural looks, don’t forget to add the vines above it.

If you’re asking on how can it be a retro pop patio kitchen? It is because of the touch of bright red on the chair and on the picture. Not too many but it is so cheerful.

Repurposed Kitchen

Made of old cypress shutters, this is the outdoor kitchen that will make you feel like having a holiday in Havana, or back to the ‘80s.

This repurposed kitchen, even though dominated by the dull color, is so alive that it is such a good place to get together with your friends and your family.

In order to make the ambiance remain modern, you can add the roof made from white wood. Look at the combination. So chic, isn’t it?

Not only it will be a good place to cook for its circulation, the outdoor kitchen ideas are also made for you who loves to mingle with your friends and your family. It can be a good place for some activities, from Christmas party to the intimate wedding.

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