5 Interesting Party Balloons Games (You Must Try)

Party balloons are common props used in a party. This prop is something that comes up first when people want to decorate a party. Indeed, balloons are easy to find. They are even available in various shapes and colors.

Despite the use of balloons for decorations, there are actually various games you can play in party with a help of those balloons. It must be interesting since they can be used as both decorations and props for playing a game.

Balloon Word Search

It has something to do with arranging a word. You can use the name of person who has held the party or something else. Write each letter of word you use on the balloons. You can even write other letters to confuse the guests. Later, divide your guests into two teams and ask them to find a particular word.

Balloon Sweep Relay

In this game, you need a broom and also many balloons. Divide your guests into two teams or more. Ask them to make a line behind a starting point. Do not forget to draw finish point. Each member of each group must try to sweep the balloons by taking turns. The winner is they who reach the finish point first.

Balloon Darts

balloon art

As expected, the guests must aim the party balloons like playing common darts. You can use a pegboard and tie several inflated balloons there. Hand the player with three darts. The winner is decided by the number of popped balloons. It must trigger each player’s competitiveness. It is simple, yet exciting.

Name Pops

This one can be called as a lucky game since the winner can be unexpected. The instructions are quite easy, but do not miss any single information. Here is more information on how to play the game.

  • Give one balloon for each guest in your party and ask them to write their name on it.
  • Instruct them to toss the balloons in the room. Make sure that the balloons are scattered.
  • This game consists of several rounds. Each round only needs 30 seconds.
  • Ask your guests to stomp and pop the balloons in 30 seconds. Later, names written on the popped balloons are out. Repeat the game until there is one balloon left. The last balloon is the winner.

Color Pop

Party Balloons Games

In this game, speed is necessary. Well, here are the instructions.

  • Divide the guests into two teams and give them a bunch of colorful balloons. Give them similar set of various colors. Also prepare a chair.
  • Say “go” to start the game. Taking turns in a line, the players should take one balloon and try to pop it by sitting on it. The next player can try to do the same after the previous player can pop the balloon.
  • The first team who pop all the balloons is the winner.

Those are five interesting party balloons games you can apply in your event. Try to entertain your guest by having some fun. Good luck!

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