6 Processed Delicious Corn Can Be A Business Opportunity

For those of you who want to try doing business in the food sector, but are confused about what food business? Don’t worry, you can try this one food business, making various processed ingredients made from corn. In addition to cheap and easy way to make it, processed corn, guaranteed to be delicious and become a favorite food from various circles, whether young or old. Here are six processed corn that you can try.

1. Jasuke (Corn milk cheese)

Source: usaharumahan.id

This Jasuke is on the market, when passing on the road you will find a jasuke seller on the roadside. You may try to make processed corn added with delicious cheese and milk to make it delicious, this sweet and delicious jasuke taste is indeed a favorite from various circles. Don’t choose again if you want this Jasuke business. Not too difficult, namely the corn that has been separated from the stem then given toppings such as milk, cheese, chocolate and so on according to the buyer’s request.

2. Corn cake

Source: rumahmesin.com

Not only does it have a sweet taste, processed corn corn has a savory and delicious taste, you know. Prekedel is a traditional dish that is already very common in the Indonesian tongue, from the lower, middle or classy class who must have eaten this corn preel. Suitable if used as a side dish with rice or complementary side dishes with fish or vegetable tamarind. So, for those who want to make these preparations for business, you can open orders, or sell them to your friends.

3. Corn ice cream

Source: kcet.org

If processed, this one must almost be a favorite of various groups. In addition to the sweet taste, corn ice cream is also suitable for drinking in the hot sun and guaranteed to make a fresh throat. For those of you who want this corn ice cream business, you can receive orders or sell in places that are likely to sell, for example in schools, markets, or in front of a house.

4. Corn pudding

Source: fimela.com

The taste of the corn pudding is sweet, chewy and delicious. Moreover, plus the cold presentation is guaranteed to be very fresh. For those of you who want to do this corn pudding business, the way is also the same as the one above. You can open orders or leave at a place that sells snacks in the morning or evening.

5. Ice corn hawai

Source: id.tastemade.com

Maybe many people don’t know yet, what is hawaiian ice corn. Only certain cities already know him, such as Medan City and Batam. That is because in that city many traders peddled the corn ice ice. Well, for those of you who want food, you can try the hawaiian ice corn business. Of course the taste is sweet, delicious, and refreshing, guaranteed to make addiction.

6. Corn lepet

Source: img-global.cpcdn.com

This processed corn cake is not less delicious, you know, from other processed lepers. The taste is sweet, and the distinctive odor of corn itself makes the corn gravy much favored by corn lovers. You can start this business by opening orders or leaving them in neighboring stalls.

Well, that was a variety of delicious corn preparations that had the chance to become your business. Good luck, huh.

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