Outdoor Fireplace Designs Based on Materials

The best thing about the fireplace is that it is not always inside the house. Yes, you can build it outside the house and keep the room spacious inside. Moreover, there are many gorgeous outdoor fireplace designs that might suitable to your exterior design. It would be great to spend the cold night in the backyard with the whole family members chewing the marshmallow and sip the how black tea during the fall season. When the night gets old, the ambience gets warm thanks to the outdoor fire pit.

The three main materials for the outdoor fireplaces are brick, stone, and plaster – also, you can mix these materials as the construction. Now, let me give you a brief explanation about outdoor fireplace designs in every material.

Stone Outdoor Fireplace

Stone is the most popular outdoor fireplace material which gives you plenty advantages. First, it is fire resistant that will make it durable over the years. Also, the stones would create beautiful pattern and attractive contrast depend on how you arrange them. The stone tends to create a medieval or vintage look, which would be suitable if you have a classic housing style. But just like what we have stated before, it depends on how you arrange the stones to create the pattern because this material is also suitable for a contemporary housing design.

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Brick Outdoor Fireplaces

Another option to bring the outdoor fireplace designs ideas into reality is the brick fire pit. Just like the stone, brick is a great material as it fire resistant. It also supports a wide array of styles. The red brick is the most popular type thanks neat pattern that brings the classic appearance into your house. Also, the combination of red with darker bricks creates majestic shade contrast. The best part about this material is that you can build classic outdoor fireplace design and mix it with the modern outdoor style. Or you can go rustic style by combining with wood architecture in your deck backyard.

Plaster Outdoor Fireplace

Well, there will always a way to build the outdoor fireplace even though you keep the stones and the bricks away. The plaster brings a smooth texture, un-patterned, and a more contemporary theme. It doesn’t mean that the outdoor fireplace is un-touch with any decorations. The smooth and clean texture will let you to add decorative elements right above the fire pit frame. Also, you have more freedom in choosing the outdoor fireplace styles as it is not restricted to a boxy or brick-shaped style. 

Mixed Materials Outdoor Fireplace

Last but not least, you always have the freedom to mix the materials in order to build the perfect outdoor fireplace design. And you can add the twist – such as the plaster and brick fireplace with wood, which is the third element that adds the aesthetic value of the outdoor fire pit. 

Aside from its function, the outdoor fireplace is something that can add the beauty of the house. It is not surprising that people would put their effort in installing the perfect outdoor fire pit.

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