How to Clean Screen Printed T Shirts More Effectively and Properly

You should spend money to purchase favorite t-shirt. The design is cool and you will like it. So, how to clean screen printed T Shirts? Well, quality takes important part, but washing and cleaning cannot be forgotten. You need to know how to deal with this matter.

The steps below will explain simple way for cleaning your printed clothes, including t-shirt. With proper maintenance, your t-shirt is capable to last longer. Therefore, you can wear every day and save cost for buying new one

Preparation and Separation

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First thing to do is preparation. Cleaning plain t-shirt is simple, but the printed one takes utmost attention. You can wash after all stain, mud, or any dirt is not attached. Besides, separate t-shirt from other clothes.

Moreover, color fading is common risk in printed clothes. You do not want plain t-shirts to have color stain, right? After that, change t-shirt inside out to keep the printed area in protection way.

Cold and Fresh Water

Prepare your washing machine and utilize cold water. Having warm water has benefit to do cleaning faster and more effective. However, you are not in hurry because printed clothes are quite vulnerable.

Warm water might deteriorate the printed area. It will destroy your clothes and create color fading. Even though the water is cold, there is still a chance for this issue. You need to put fresh water with low mineral compound.

No Bleach and Harsh Detergent

Another important step on how to clean screen printed T Shirts is no bleach and harsh detergent. Bleach is sensitive and easy to react with printed material. As the result, you might see certain area that’s no longer in perfect printing.

This is similar to harsh detergent. You still need detergent, but in subtle and mild level. Harsh detergent creates rough movement during washing. It will destroy your printed area and make the color fade easily.

Mild and Air Dryer

After washing, the next step is to do drying. What do you should do? Mild dryer is preferable because of low stress condition. That is why cleaning this shirt becomes worst if you are in hurry. Use mild drying slowly until the t-shirt is completely dried.

As alternative, direct air-drying is also good choice. Air exposure is useful to evaporate the water naturally. As result, the material is still in good quality. People use dryer because no nature air in their area. However, that is no excuse because airflow brings the better result.

No Ironing

There is still controversy whether you should do ironing or not for printed t-shirt. Extreme heat is very destructible for printed area. It is similar to harsh detergent and warm water.

As solution, you only do ironing in outer area not direct printing surface. Moreover, never put direct iron at the top printed t-shirt while not in proper dried. It will ruin the printing pattern.

Printed t-shirt is big industry. People wear this kind of t-shirt for several purposes. You might like artists and purchase their merchandise. T-shirt is good uniform for any event. That’s why how to clean screen printed T Shirts are necessary to know.







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