Facebook Marketing For Small Business – 6 Tips To Rapidly Grow Your Like Page

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 12 months you understand the incredible impact Facebook is having on the internet and the method we remain linked. If Facebook was a country it would be the 3rd largest behind India and China with over 400 Million active users.

2 Essential Stats

Despite the fact that Facebook has some outstanding stats and figures I think there are 2 essential stats that small business owners in particular requirement to know to anticipate where the market location is going.

1. Facebook send out more web traffic to external websites than Google

2. The average user spends 55 minutes every day on Facebook.

No wonder the wise company owner are quickly moving a great deal of their marketing method to include Facebook – that is where their (and your) clients are hanging out when online.

To enter all the details of Facebook marketing for small company owners is beyond the scope of this short article; however I do want to share with you a few ideas and approaches you can do to start integrating Facebook with your present marketing strategy.

  • Produce A Facebook Page For Your Organisation – This is basic a page you can develop to promote your organisation or brand name on Facebook. People can ‘Like’ your page and then each time you post something on your page everybody who ‘Likes’ your page will get the message.
  • Join Us On Facebook – Facebook have actually produced many widgets and social plugins you can incorporate on your website so individuals can get in touch with your Facebook page right from your site.
  • Newsletter – If you have a subscriber list of newsletter make sure to let them all know you have actually developed a page on Facebook and welcome them to join or connect with you.
  • Email Signature – Place a link to your Facebook page in your e-mail signature and on your business card. Consider all the emails that are sent from your office, this only take a few minutes to establish, it totally free and can develop your following quite quick
  • Reviews – Any testimonials you have post them on your Facebook page. This works finest if you can create a short 30 2nd video of the testimonial.
  • Delivery Fulfillment – If you deliver products out to your customers make sure to tell them about your Facebook page and invite them to sign up with there too.
    Consider the people who like your page as people who have actually signed up for your newsletter that is on steroids!


These individuals have an interest in what you are doing, providing, mean, and so on. Develop a relationship with these individuals, offer them worth, and give them complimentary things, recommendations, software, reports, something that supplies worth in their lives.

The huge difference in between Facebook and your newsletter or customer base is that if you send 4 e-mails every day to your list most will most likely leave and seem like you are simply spamming them.

Nevertheless on Facebook it is ‘normal’ to publish regular content, you can get and remain in front of your leads and prospects every day!

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